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Change Log
13/10/10 Added "Batrac" forum colour scheme option.
12/10/10 Tweaked thread view to display correctly in Firefox, Chrome, other browsers.
21/07/09 Performance improvements when syncing from SUS for first time.
04/03/08 Maximum number of smilies per forum increased to 128 from 50.
30/01/08 Maximum number of rooms per forum increased to 128 from 64.
25/04/06 ftlog becomes totally freeware.
10/03/06 Memory error which could cause rare crashes fixed.
05/03/06 Some changes for Opera browser compaitibility.
14/01/06 Revisions to "house keeping" routines.
09/11/05 Added "top text" field (displayed on forums front page) for forum owners.
05/11/05 Added user defined optional hostnames to the forums front page, if entered, and made them clickable.
21/05/05 JPEG avatar's were being processed at too poor a quality setting (55%). Corrected to 85%.
28/03/05 When editing a message, error messages intended for the user's benefit (e.g. when entering a form wrong) were in fact recorded and displayed as server errors. Fixed.
28/02/05 Corrected bug in bandwidth results which was preventing page display.
15/01/05 Revised cookie handling.
08/01/05 A satellite server shutted down as a safeguard after a critical error. Revised version included steps taken to resolve this.
23/11/04 Fixed another bug in the e-mail alerts that was causing an error message to be displayed even though the message posted fine.
22/11/04 Introduced a crude optimisation to e-mail alerts to not send if the user is online.
21/11/04 Fixed bug in e-mail alerts that prevented some of the links from working.
20/11/04 Made it easier/more obvious to get to a forum after subscribing.
20/11/04 Corrected some username/password service omissions.
19/11/04 Added simple e-mail alert facility for replies. Also added for administrators an alert for new topics.
19/11/04 Temporarily removed over-riding e-mail option from local settings (WUS) as it appears to be ignored at present!
01/11/04 Resolved bug on members page and on some message pages (internal error - page refused to display, 99.999% of users unaffected otherwise). Now fixed regardless!
27/10/04 An upgrade to the database handler resolved a bug which caused brief downtime on Tuesday (26th).
27/10/04 Fixed a bug when customizing forum using bespoke images - clear would result in a 404 rather than the previous image being used.
26/10/04 Replacement string now cleared when setting up a profanity text replace filter.
25/10/04 Fixed bug which made it possible to hide the first message in a thread.
24/10/04 Forum owners were confusing their personal color scheme setting with the global setting. A warning has been shown on the personal setting page to alert them to this!
23/10/04 Enhanced monitoring of connected users to reduce downtime during upgrades.
23/10/04 Improved reliability of outgoing e-mails.
23/10/04 Indicated ftlog quickurl on forum front page.
23/10/04 A message is now displayed if you are disconnected from your admin session. Previously, users were shown a 404 error message.
23/10/04 Added news display for forum owners (on Admin front page).
23/10/04 Added "Dark Cold" colour scheme for WUS users.
23/10/04 Added tools icon to tools link!
22/10/04 Improved tree structure display of rooms on forum front pages.
22/10/04 Added little toolbox icon to make Admin link on forum front page more visible.
22/10/04 Quiet or new forums were suffering from infrequent statistics updates (bandwidth, hits, users online, etc.). This has now been resolved. A date/time stamp has also been added for the stats on the bandwidth page.
22/10/04 Now show "you do not have permission to post replies" in messages, rather than simply hiding the reply link. Likewise, New Topic button remains visible but now has pop-up text explaining you do not have permission to use it, should this be the case.
22/10/04 When posting from guest accounts, the newly introduced message counts on the front page were not incremented. This has been corrected.
22/10/04 On message composition page changed guest screen name text to differentiate between that and an ftlog account.
21/10/04 Added help hints on the admin page.
20/10/04 Added number of active users per month to bandwidth page.
19/10/04 Added utilities page in forum admin containing details for ftlogIMP and also guest screenname auto generation.
19/10/04 Added ftlogIMP utility.
19/10/04 The avatar copy utility has been restricted to donating members only.
16/10/04 Added analysis for individual users bandwidth across several months (available from the forums usual bandwidth pages). Also added some explanatory text for the bandwidth pages in general.
16/10/04 Added number of members in each group on the members page (only displayed when 1 or more groups are setup).
16/10/04 Made differences in thread/message tool controls more obvious.
15/10/04 Fixed bug in forum tools with dividers being shown as rooms in move topic tool selection list.
15/10/04 Made hidden rooms more obvious when in admin and working with permissions.
15/10/04 Carried across room admin enhancements to groups, smilies and text replace admin pages too.
15/10/04 Enhanced room admin. New buttons instead of text links. Added top/bottom buttons too.
15/10/04 Added total message counts per room for WUS front page.

Change log begun shortly after switch to BETA phase development.

Separate details regarding changes to the SUS software client can be found here.

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