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Registering a New Account FAQ
  • What's so special about an ftlog account?
  • Why do I need to give my location?
  • I don't want to tell you my location!
  • What if I just give you a false location?
  • Registering an account took forever!
  • What's so special about an ftlog account?
    Your ftlog account is very much like Microsofts Passport system, in that you can use one common account across several services. In ftlog, one account is used to access all the forums spanning the entire network! The benefits here are significant - gone is the frustration of having to enter your registration details once more for yet another forum, only to forget your login details once again or become frustrated with the individual quirks of different forum engines. ftlog makes things a lot easier for all users of forums that have adopted the system! So, after your one-time registration - to join a forum you will now only have to click subscribe!

    Why do I need to give my location?
    There are several reasons to this.
  • The first is that with your location you can see how far away you are from other members.
  • The second is that certain forums benefit from knowing where a user exists - e.g. If there is a forum on fishing and some members want to meet up, you can see straight away who can feasibly take part. Other forums have the ability to enter placenames of course, but this isn't much use if somebody has only entered there country, or a placename which another user has never heard of!
  • In addition to the above, our SUS software client includes a funky little utility that shows a map of the world, and with user locations marked on it. There is also a more detailed local map for certain countries.
  • With knowledge about your approximate location, we can plan our future network development. For instance, if we find a large number of our members are located in Europe, we can setup a new data centre there. Likewise Asia, and so on. Furthermore, we can site the data centre in a more precise location optimised for maximum performance, rather than simply "in Europe/Asia".
  • I don't want to tell you my location!
    We don't take you exact address, nor do we take your postcode! If however, you are still paranoid, you have several options which should satisfy you:
  • Rather than entering your village name, enter the nearest town or village. Note however that the further afield the location, the more innaccurate the distances to fellow users.
  • Simply change the text of your location, after selecting it, to something more vague. e.g. enter the name of your county/district or nearest city name instead. The benefit here over the previous option is that you can still get accurate distance informtion in the forums.
  • Turn off the display of your location. This can be done in the settings menu of any forum you are subscribed to (this option can be set independantly for each forum, so you could show it in another forum if you wish).
  • What if I just give you a false location?
    We would prefer if you didn't, because if everybody did all of the benefits listed previously would be void. Furthermore, you cannot see how far away fellow users are. If you really cannot resist virtually living in a remote part of the Sahara - simply change the text field rather than your actual geographical location.

    Registering an account took forever!
    Most of the steps were for selecting an accurate location. We don't actually request that much more information than most other website registrations. Remember, because the details are common across the entire ftlog forum network - you will never have to go through this process again to participate in other forums!

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