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SUS Patch History
Developers Diary:

 Production Release

21/07/09638fixed bug: new version of IE found to interfere with window/control focus
21/07/09637updates to embedded Internet Explorer components
12/02/07634-6tweak to patch 633 where some menu items no longer worked after viewing a censored message
02/02/07633removed BETA status; addressed vulnerability where censored messages could be read; the local search function was limited to 12 characters for some reason, this has been fixed!

 Beta Version

15/03/05632tweak to patch 631, downloads had started lagging since last patch!
15/03/05631a bug with the third party downloading component was found, which could crash the SUS or OS - patched along with revisions to other libraries made recently
20/10/04630fixed bug when transferring maar status for multiple fori; added links to ftlog.org website and help.ftlog.org from help menu!; corrected mistake introduced in 629!
19/10/04629corrected contrast issue with room dividers and day subtitles in certain schemes
18/10/04628reversed outbox listing direction to be more natural; corrected misleading wording for next unread message function (enter key); added "get more topics" function to popup menu when richt clicking on topics list; added allowances for forums that have been moved or deleted from a server; made subscription list refreshing more obvious; fixed automatic-maaring bug when subscribed to multiple forums
12/10/04627BETA Transition

 Alpha Version

06/10/04626part of 625
06/10/04625updated tips.txt; resolved small bug regarding usernames; added room name to new post window; made file format changes for beta; resolved occasional problem when restarting SUS automatically where previous instance had not fully closed, preventing auto-restart
30/09/04624fixed render bug which was causing occasional exception error after post/download, but no full crash; additional preparation for a future patch (beta)
28/09/04623preparation for a future patch; added browser icons
28/09/04622Search bug fix (simple lower/uppercase issue!); file prep for later patch
23/09/04621Allowed people with the topic locking permission to continue posting to a locked topic.
23/09/04620Local search bug fix.
23/09/04619Jackdog splash dropped.
22/09/04618added local search system; "process macros" option added to message creation; added patch history
27/07/04617added tray icon on minimize; also single instance application; many little things
16/07/04615some scheme file updates
08/07/04614quote selected; better login to wus from sus; other minor tweaks
04/07/04613numerous tweaks and flag updateage
25/06/04612various small sus changes and enhancements during the "tying loose ends" phase of alpha/pre-beta dev
21/06/04611scratchpad enhancements following user feedback
18/06/04610scratchpad and numerous minor tweaks
10/06/04609patching problems
10/06/04607various changes and new code, updated tips file
06/06/04606patch related to volpiere problems
06/06/04604patch message box
06/06/04602map billing

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