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ftlog Statistics Explained!
The ftlog statistics that appear on the home page are essentially a live snapshot of the network and free forum project as a whole. We started to record the figures towards the end of the Alpha version, which was approximatly July 2004.

CitizensHow many members we have.
OnlineThis is the sum of all users online across the entire ftlog network.
CommunitiesFor the purpose of this item, a community is in fact what most of us know as a forum. This naming convention is used to allow for fairer comparison with our competitors which use the same terminology when quoting statistics.
ForumsWith reference to the previous item, a forum is in fact a room. Hence this number shows the total number of rooms in all the ftlog forums.
TopicsThe total number of topics posted across the network.
PostsThe total number of messages posted across the entire network - including topics and individual replies.
HitsA hit is counted as a http request, which includes all requests for page views, images, other resources and requests made by the SUS software.
GB TransferredThis is the amount of data transfer generated by user activity across the network. Remember all of this traffic costs money, and is something worth considering if you are thinking of providing a donation.


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