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Welcome to the Help Centre
Please read the FAQs prior to seeking alternative methods of help.

 Where can I...?

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  •  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • General
  • Registering
  • Using the Web Forum (WUS)
  • Using the Software Client (SUS)
  • Forum Creation
  • Forum Administration

  •  Support Forum

    If you are sure you have read through the relevant FAQs but cannot find the answer, post on the support forum. You may well get a quicker answer this way as there are often several users online to help.
    [ Support Forum ]
    Please be sure to read the forums "rules of conduct", as offensive posts or other forms of abuse are not welcome here.

     Support Tickets

    If you are still stuck, or need to discuss a private issue or something related specifically to your account, you can create a Support Ticket. You will need a ftlog account to use this.

    If you are posting a support question consider posting in the Support Forum first!
    [ Support Ticket System ]
    The Support Ticket system is also the method to contact us for any other miscellaneous reasons, as it replaces our e-mail.


  • Bugs - Includes bugs, known issues, external failings, limitations, non-bugs.
  • Change Log - Developer log of changes to the website and forum engine.
  • SUS Patch History - Separate log for SUS software patches.

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  • General
  • Registering
  • Web Forum (WUS)
  • Software Client (SUS)
  • Forum Creation
  • Forum Administration


  • Support Forum
  • Support Tickets


  • Bugs and Things
  • Change Log
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