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Terms and Conditions
Users of our website and network should be aware of the following terms and conditions:

 Creating a Member Account

  • By creating an ftlog account users agree to receiving one ftlog member newsletter, after which the newsletter subscription can be optionally cancelled.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or change names or usernames which we deem to be offensive, improper, misused, unsuitable or otherwise incorrectly allocated.
  • We reserve the right to alter or delete user accounts.
  • Unused user accounts will be deleted after 90 days (min) days of inactivity. Donating ftlog members are exempt from this for the duration in which they are considered a donating member.
  •  Forum Costs for Owners and Users

  • We reserve the right to charge and alter bandwidth costs at any time. Costs changed before a billing date apply immediatly to the forthcoming and any future bills.
  • In addition to the above, we reserve the right to change base forum rental fees, setup fees with immediate effect.
  • We reserve the right to alter our business model within and beyond the parameters listed above.
  • We reserve the right to refuse refund for donated fees. This may not necessariy extend to billing for optional transactions, such as additional server options (e.g. backup facility). Please contact us to clarify. Bandwidth fees are non-refundable.
  • Taking into account the above, we may terminate a forum at any time with unpaid fees.
  • Use of our services does not represent a contract of any kind towards gurantees of any uptime or level of satisfactory service, though we will of course always endevaour to maintain a high level of service.
  • We may charge for and alter our pricing for enhanced ftlog user accounts with extra features. These are available in addition to the functions, features and services with a standard free account. Enhanced accounts are available in exchange for a donation fee of a minimum amount specified by us. The duration of the enhanced features is determined at the time of donation. After this time has expired enhanced account revert to "unenhanced" regular free accounts. We reserve the right to alter in any way the method by which we charge for enhanced accounts.
  •  Forum Owners

  • You agree not to host forums for discussion of animal porn, piracy, etc. etc. (extend this)
  • Forum owners may be penalised for user(s) not adhering to the terms and conditions, if the forum owner is not seen to be making any effort where reasonably possible to take action against the violating user(s). In particular, users violating rules on posting banned material (animal porn, piracy, etc. etc.) and/or using client software forbidden by these terms and conditions.
  • Understanding that although we will attempt to protect your data against mis-use, loss, corrupted or stolen to the best of our ability, we bear no responsibility should this occur.
  • In particular, users of our free forum packages should be aware that we do NOT maintain backups on these servers. This is not the case with Premium or Dedicated packages.
  • We can terminate your forum at any time without warning or express agreement.
  • Understanding that we can move your forum at any time to an alternative location. We are not liable for any loss of connectivity, business, trade or uptime during this time.
  • We are not liable for any inconvenince due to internet environment conditions out of our control, administration of our own doing, forum maintenance or technical problems related to the forum itself, underlying hardware, network or Internet provider of servers, clients or infrastructure inbetween.
  • We reserve the right to request additional fees for very busy forums (such as if they require their own dedicated server), or to move them to a specific location.
  • ftlog forums may only be hosted on officially recognised ftlog servers. Installation of the ftlog server software on unofficial machines will result in considerable legal implications.
  • Our network providers limit IP distribuition based on ARIN's new policies, and IP's pointing to servers MAY change at our network providers discretion. For this reason we urge you to use common sense and name-based hosting provided by ftlog or when using your own domain or sub-domain to point to a server rather than a direct IP.
  •  Conditions of Website Use

  • You agree to our Privacy Policy.
  • You agree to these terms and conditions, including if you are a visitor, forum guest, member or forum owner.
  • Users and not to post, distribuite or use the site for the following: piracy, cracks, warez, violation of copyright, trademark or patent. ftlog may not be used to support illegal activities.
  • ftlog may not be used to harm minors - included but not limited to child pornography.
  • Distribuition of viruses is prohibited.
  • The ftlog service may not be used for fraudulent activity, such as to make offers for the sale of non-existent goods or financial scams.
  • Website users agree not to use ftlog for impersonation or forgery of either individuals, client software or Internet connections. This includes the modification of Internet headers or web cookies.
  • You agree not to use pirated versions of the SUS or other official ftlog clients. Such software severly threatens our ability to continue to offer free forums.
  • User(s) are not permitted to use or develop unlicenced versions of the SUS or other unofficial ftlog clients that are designed to mimic or side-step officially licensed and developed ftlog software. User(s) agree not to attempt to reverse engineer the SUS or attempt to abuse it in any way.
  • Users and site visitors agree not to attempt to hack or launch DOS attacks on our network. This extends to probing or scanning our network for vulnerabilities.
  • Users and site visitors agree not to seek to obtain login details or breach security for user accounts or forum administration access. This extends to seeking to disrupt the access or service of individual users or forums through whatever means.
  • We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time. The latest current terms and conditions can always be found on this page.
  • With the expection of our own support forum we are not responsible for the content of the ftlog public forums.
  • Spamming of forums is prohibited and will be dealt with severly.
  • Use of the ftlog network or services to deliver spam is prohibited.
  • Insulting, excessive flaming or trolling, abuse or other forms of abusive anti-social behavior may result in action being taken.
  • You accept that we may terminate user or forum owner accounts at any time without warning and without giving reason.


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