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Browser Compatibility
ftlog forums are fully customizable with various styles and templates. If you have a member account and are having difficulties, you should be able to choose a template or scheme which should run on all browsers fine. There should also be a "low bandwidth" scheme, which may be of interest to mobile users or those with very limited bandwidth.

The core ftlog website (these pages) make heavy use of CSS so may actually be less browser-friendly with your particular software than the actual forums.

Generally, everything should work fine with Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you still use Netscape (which is no longer in development) you may experience some odd colours or sections of the website - but everything should remain workable. Note that version 4 and down is probably unusable.

Apple's Safari browser seems generally very good (as well as fast) now - though as we don't specifically develop using a Macintosh there may still be grey areas.

We have not done any testing with Opera, Mozilla or other browsers yet - please give us your feedback!

 Compatibility Chart *

Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows)This is the recommended browser, used during development.v6.x+ recommended. Everything seems to be fine with v5.5. Not tested with earlier releases.
Internet Explorer (Macintosh)Note that IE5.x on Macintosh is vaguley equiverlent to V5.5/V6 of the Windows version. Development takes place independantly.Should be fine. Feedback required.
NetscapeThis browser was officially abandoned by Netscape in mid 2003.Tested successfully under v6.x, some colours incorrect and tables wrongly formatted though site should remain useable. Not tested under v7.x, please give feedback. v4.x is known to crash.
Apple SafariThis is Apple's alternative to Internet Explorer on the Macintosh.Should work fine, with occasional colour or layout discrepiances. The current build (v1.0) occasionally appears over-enthusiastic with page caching though this may be resolved by the time you read this.
OperaA long serving independant browser alternative.Okay
Mozilla FirefoxA browser based on standard compliancy. Some developers previously working on Netscape have now switched to Mozilla.Some colour errors, but generally useable.
Other BrowsersPlease give us feedback on other browsers not listed.

* Note that this table applies only to the central ftlog hub (these pages). Actual forums can use a wide variety of HTML representations including special Compatibility and Low Bandwidth modes.
 Screen Resolution

For the central ftlog website (these pages) we have tried to make ftlog work well on all screen resolutions from 800x600 to 1600x1200. The setup we worked with during design was 1024x768.

Individual ftlog forums should work well between 800x600 upwards too, depending on the display scheme used.

It is possible to create schemes dedicated to a particular resolution.


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